About me

"After I played a bass for the first time, I knew I had found something I wanted to do forever."

I held a bass in my hands for the first time in the late eighties and was immediately fascinated by the instrument that made it possible for me to play with other people in a band so quickly. From then on I was the bass kid who practiced obsessively and have always improved or changed some things on my instrument. Over the years I played in many bands and projects, had found my place in the band scene of the Rhine-Main area.

In 1995 I visited New York City for the first time and was immediately passionate about the city, its culture and people. The charisma that this city had was so appealing to me that I tried to get a Green Card, but I never got one. So I decided to visit New York as often as possible, which I have done at least twice a year since 1995.

In 1999 I met Roger Sadowsky, who built me a bass in the same year. Over the years, my frequent visits to New York City turned this relationship into a friendship. In 2012 I started a job as a career changer in the music trade and after some time I was asked if I could get in touch with Roger, it would be a great thing to sell his instruments.  

I made the contact, Roger agreed to sell and so I started selling Roger’s basses successfully in 2013. 

During this time I got to know many interesting people from the world of basses. At exhibitions like the Namm Show in Anaheim or during my travels to New York I could deepen these contacts. Roger also played a major role in this, helping me to get into many meetings.

Through many conversations I realized, however, that I often did not have enough time for customers who were interested in instruments from the premium range to make a consultation the way I thought it should be. For a time-independent consultation, for a free organization of the assortment and more spontaneity an own idea had to be realized.

This is how the concept of a shop was born that bears my name today

Fendt´s Finest – The Bass Lounge