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Handmade in Germany.

Rheingold Music – High End Cable 100% Handmade in Germany

The family business Rheingold Music from Duisburg manufactures high-end tube amplifiers and speakers as well as cables by hand. These cables are „handwired“ in the truest sense of the word and a real rarity nowadays.

I had already heard a lot about the tube amplifiers from Jürgen Weidner Sr. and the company Rheingold Music and visited their website from time to time and of course I noticed that cable production is also part of their business.

When I was looking for a supplier for high-end cables, Rheingold Music immediately came to mind. I contacted Jürgen and he sent me cables for testing. After testing Jürgen’s cables, I was especially excited about the F-Series. A clearly open and pure sound, the high flexibility and the use of high-quality materials led me to the decision to add the F-Series to my product range.

The connection between your instrument and the amplifier should not be compromised and the cable should not become the bottleneck of your sound. The more fortunate is the fact that Rheingold is a local company that manufactures cables of the highest quality. Ordering custom-made cables is no problem and can be realised at short notice.
Each cable is made by hand, the use of machines is completely avoided.