Roger Sadowsky

Sadowsky Guitars Ltd. Long Island City, New York, USA

Roger Sadowsky was the beginning of many things for me. In 1999 I ordered my first „really good“ bass from him. Over all the years I visited him, a friendship developed, which we extended by a business component in 2012, when I started to sell his instruments. We’ve had the idea of going one step further and working more closely together for quite some time and now this idea is becoming reality.

The Sadowsky NYC Showroom Europe is being created in close collaboration with Roger. The showroom offers you the complete current range of Sadowsky Guitars guitars, be it basses or guitars, which you can get in the New York shop. It also offers a direct point of contact for the concerns of all Sadowsky customers. Several meetings per year and a continuous e-mail traffic guarantee a perfect service and shortest delivery times.