The Idea about Fendt's Finest

The first time I thought about how to improve the way a music shop works and how to better serve the customer and his needs, I quickly realized that the future belonged to customer-oriented premium service. Service where the word customer care can be taken literally, even if there is no interest in buying. Just like that.

It’s about the people, not the goods. No matter what concern you have, describe it to me. I will find a solution.

So far nothing has not worked.


A good example of perfect service is the actual purchase of the instrument.
I will not only assist you during the purchase, but also before, after and with custom instruments during it.
If you are still unsure about your choice of instruments or other products, I will help you to find the ideal for you.

For most people, „after“ sometimes plays an even more important role. Buying an instrument at Fendt’s Finest is a safe bet – for life. With the purchase of a premium instrument you also acquire premium service.
So the whole thing is a round, closed thing. You will be on the safe side with this instrument and an excellent support as long as you call this instrument your own.


With custom instruments there is a third important component – the „Meanwhile“, the construction phase.
I will accompany your instrument – on site. This applies to instruments from Germany just as it does to instruments from the USA. Of course, I won’t be present every day in the workshop and help out, but at least – this also includes the instruments from the the USA – once during the construction period. This can concern the wood selection together with the Master Builder or discussions and the associated control of the building condition.

This service, which you won’t get in any other shop, can be worth its weight in gold. And believe me, I speak from experience.

When it comes to matters of the heart, one should not let chance prevail.

Pics from the bench