The Bass Guitars

Welcome to Fendt´s Finest!
Take your time and take a closer look at everything on the following pages. I would like to show you instruments of the world's best bass builders that you don't see every day and offer you a service that deviates from the normal paths.
All without any pressure from opening hours or customer rush.
Slow shopping in perfection.

The Master Builders

Whether youngster, insider tip or legend - each of the Master Builders is a expert of his craft and works at a world-class level. The range was deliberately chosen by me, because no style is comparable to the other. It was important to me to show the instruments made by master craftsmen in a worthy light. Not only as an instrument, but also as an achievement of craftsmanship.
But just look for yourself.

Sadowsky Guitars

From beginner basses of the premium class to hand-selected instruments - in our Sadowsky Showroom you will find everything your heart desires.
You can not only buy fantastic basses, you can also get help in case of problems with your Sadowsky bass. Due to my many years of experience and my direct line to New York, I can quickly find a solution for you.

Online Shop

Here you will find everything that is important for the life of a bass player apart from the instrument.
You will find here products and tools from Roger Sadowsky as well as the high end cables by Jürgen Weidner Sr.
I use most of the articles myself and don't want to withhold them from you.
Only the best of the best of the best. No typo.

"Won't work, doesn't exist"

Service without compromise

“Won’t work, doesn’t exist!” 

I often heard this phrase at the beginning of my professional life. As meaningless as it seemed to me at the time and as simple as it is, that’s how crucial this can be sometimes.

What customers say

"Steffen ordered me my incredible epic Fodera bass on the spot and delivered it to a parking lot on the motorway when I was on tour. What a great service! Buying an instrument couldn't be more perfect. Thank you, Steffen!"
Marius Goldhammer
Maffay, BAP, Chaka Khan, u.v.m.
"I had the privilege of testing a marvelous SS-15 and an equally marvelous Jim Hall Model with Steffen. It was really a difficult choice, but finally I voted for the Jim Hall model. Steffen was an outstanding partner and patiently coached my choice. If I ever have the opportunity to buy another Sadowsky instrument, Steffen will be my first call!"
Christoph Ploner
Jazz Enthusiast
"Fendt's Finest - The name is the program. Owner Steffen knows how to provide the finest service, very close to customers and with a keen sense for individual service solutions. For me already now the noble bass address in Germany."
Mike Stanzel
Mixxed Up